Todays Children, Tomorrows Champions.


SSJC hosts numerous events throughout the year.  In 2010, after being open for just 3 months, they had their first fun day where all the children had a chance to “perform” the skills they had learnt. It was a fun packed day with each participant receiving a trophy and having the opportunity to have their face painted.

SSJC also hosted two competitions in 2010 and is looking to do the same in 2011. SSJC is affiliated to the British Judo Association and currently holds the Silver Club Mark award. Being part of the Club Mark scheme ensures all coaches and volunteers are CRB checked and have the necessary quailifications to deliver Judo classes.


Benefits of Judo

Judo promotes physical and mental well being due to the close contact nature and manner in which Judo is practiced and taught in a safe and structured environment. The physical benefits of Judo can be seen as improved balance Coordination and bodily awareness, while the social Interaction helps to install Confidence.

Judo for self-defence

Judos practical application for use in self-defence situations lies in its very creation.
Being drawn from the battlefield techniques of medieval Japan and developed using Gross motor neuron skills it is designed to be practiced at full speed whilst being tested in a competitive arena.
Training involves the use of throws, locks, holds, chokes, and strangulation whilst standing or on the ground with the teaching of anatomical striking specifically for self-defence (Goshin Jutsu).

The Black belt  

The black belt in Judo should be the aim of every new student but once achieved only marks the beginning of ones journey in to the world of Judo,
showing the student has the necessary basic skills and aptitude to learn Judo.

Judo Today

Today Judo can best be recognised as a modern Olympic sport whose practices are enjoyed worldwide.
Modern Competitive Judo is a good way for young Judo players to Judge ones ability on a physical level, giving opportunity s to compete in a sport at Club, Local, National and International levels, one player competing against another in a safe and organised arena.